Saturday, October 23, 2021

Conversation with a Geographer

Guess, I told you before: I work as a dental assistant. My job brings opportunities to have small talk with patients sometimes.  

I am responsible for setting the room for treatment. It also includes helping the patient and the dentist during the procedures. 

Sometimes we get nervous patients. Other times, the person comes with an apology "Nothing personal, but I don't like dentists and dental offices". Wow! It will be an excellent complement for the dentist, right? My standard response will be, " I understand. You are not the only person like that. But, I am an assistant. So, I am sure you have no problem with me". Then the person smiles usually.

On this particular day, I got an anxious patient. He is supposed to get a cavity filled on a lower back tooth. From the conversation between the doctor and patient, I gathered he got the dental anxiety only recently. After giving the local anaesthetic, the dentist left the room. We usually wait a few minutes for the drug to "marinate". 

Since the patient was anxious, I started talking with him. I wanted to make him engaged in speaking to deviate from his thoughts about the procedure. After talking about the kind of hobbies and current Covid situation, I wanted to know about his line of work. He studied Geography and teaches Geography. I started asking more about Geography and jobs. I didn't realise there were so many things to do with Geography. 

Geographists study about earth's environment. That is all I thought about it. He explained that he collects geographical data to analyse human nature and culture. The collected data can help to predict where a business should start to thrive. 

I was thinking, geographers, make maps. They teach people to learn about geography. He told me many people don't know the jobs in his field. He said geographers actually can work as city planners, environment consultants, conservation officers, etc. He also told e with geographical data, he can predict where to even start a dental office to have a busy and thriving practice. The owners of those offices might have used the service of a geographer!!! Think of those "smile makeovers" on Instagram?

What comes to mind when you hear about geography and geographer?


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hydroponic: Experiments

Most people like to have some indoor plants. I also have some houseplants. Easy growing plants are my favourites. Pothos and Snake plants can grow without much care. 

There are some videos from Planterina showing plant propagation in water. Following her methods, I propagated some of my plants in water. 

I learned to propagate even a tomato plant from cutting! It was planted a little late in the soil after rooting in the water. So, I didn't get any tomatoes from that particular plant. 

One day I stumbled on an easy hydroponic method called the Kratki method. It uses only a container of water and some nutrients. 

There is a history of me killing my plants by forgetting to water them. So, my family was teasing me when I started with hydroponics. In summer, my indoor plants in containers were attracting fungus gnats. One more thing to irritate them, right?

Kratki hydroponics will not bring any fungus gnats. I wanted to try it.

Of course, Youtube is the go-to place to learn DIY methods. I watched few videos and decided to recycle some containers at home.

I found that the lids of yoghurt containers are easy to cut. The plastic containers of the rice pudding can serve as net pots if I can put holes in them. I learned that expanding clay pebbles can be used to keep my plants steady in the makeshift net pots. I used the water-soluble fertiliser at home for my first plant. It was growing new roots. So I am happy.

That is my polka dot plant. I was having trouble with keeping it alive for two years in a row. This is a cutting I got rooted in late summer. Since she started growing nicely, I bought Rockwool and net pots from amazon along with hydroponic fertilizer. This last weekend, I placed some plant babies I got from my relative in my new containers. I am all into using what I have right now. So, most things are re-purposed for the project.

Now, I have rosemary starting to grow. It is a cutting from my summer herb container. It got a tiny root by keeping in a glass of water. Hopefully, it will develop more roots in the Kratki system.

This one has net pot and Rockwool. The lid is from a disposable food container. I used only a knife and scissors to make a hole in the lid. Hoping to make the herb alive till next spring. 

Have you ever tried hydroponics at home? How do you care for the indoor plants?

Hibiscus plant



Thursday, October 14, 2021

Me and The library.

I love books. 

That also means I read a lot of books. But, I don't buy that many books. 

That is where the Toronto Public Library comes. The library has a great collection of ebooks. 

I have an app called Libby. It is connected to the library with my card. So, I can download any Overdrive ebook for free. 

Library made me sane during the lockdown in 2020. Still, I find time to read while working full time.

Years before, while I wanted to do crafts, TPL gave me tons of books to learn crochet. Crochet learning led me to find other crafts like card making and bead &wire jewellery. 

Now, I am reading thrillers to kill time on the subway. I got interested in backyard gardening last summer. After reading Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable Miracle", I want to know more about homesteading. My shelf on Libby carries "The Weekend Homesteader" to delve into that.

Toronto public library is a well-used library system. Linkedin learning is free for all library members. I am so blessed to have access to the library.

Do you use your library at all? What features of the library do you like most?


Friday, August 20, 2021

Unexpected free day

I haven't been writing that much

I was reading several books though.

It is Friday! I woke up by 4.50 am because the work starts at 7 am. 

As usual, went to the office and started working. While the first patient was still on the chair, the power went out. Luckily, no one was in the middle of a procedure.

We waited for a few minutes, hoping the power will come back. 

Then dismissed the patient. Staff continued to wait for about another hour. Then called and cancelled all the patients. Luckily, we have paper records of contact numbers to make calls. 

Then everyone was sent home. 

Outside, the day was hot and humid. I got a really good afternoon nap though. It felt so nice to do nothing. 

What you will do if you get an unexpected off day?


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday to Wilcox lake

Wilcox Lake is a kettle lake located in Richmondhill, Ontario. There is a community centre, splash pad for kids and a sunset boardwalk.

I never heard of this one before. My husband's colleague mentioned it. When I came to know, I wanted to see it. Especially, since it is not that far from us. 

With all the twigs and sticks, I love that arch. Maybe people use it for wedding photos. 

That piece of driftwood among the plants intrigued me. I saw the eyes on it. Can you see it? My daughter thinks my eyes see things that normal people won't see. 

They are trying to bring bees and butterflies back. So we can see a lot of native plants in the area. there are boards to remind the visitors not to disturb the plants. These flowers are pretty. We saw bees and butterflies among the flowers. 

A sea of Black eyed susans!  

That above flower/seed was asking for attention. Does anybody know the name of it? 

The above photo is taken on the sunset boardwalk. My iPhone has limitations when it comes to photography. But, she lets me capture some interesting snaps. 

Friday, July 23, 2021

6 things! Me.

1. That cupboards are still open

I really don't mean it. But, when I take an item from a cupboard, I forget to close it. sometimes, I try to close it, but it won't get fully closed.

2. I finished that book

I took reading when I started working during the pandemic. Each week I finish at least one book. I borrow ebooks from the library. I try to list all the books I read. Time is an issue to write down about the books I read.

3. You made it?

Yes, I know how to crochet scarves, caps and blankets. I can make a dangling earring with beads and wire. I can make a greeting card. I can do hand embroidery, not at an advanced level though. Crafting materials were taking up a lot of space at home. Now, crafting is not an everyday activity. 

4. Oh, a blog?

Yes, I do write a blog. It is not really on a timetable. 

5. You create that graphic? Also, it was the photo you took?

Yes, I love making graphics using Canva. I love taking photos with my iPhone. 

6. So, you look in people's mouths?

Yes, I am a dental assistant. A certified level 2 assistant in Ontario. I love passing instruments and materials to the dentist. Most of the time, patients don't even notice I am there. When I take intraoral X-rays, they usually appreciate my skill. I got several compliments like " this is the first time I am not gagging for X-rays". 


Thursday, July 1, 2021

A party in town

The summer days just started only. But, the days are getting really hot.

I usually walk from the last subway station to my home during summer.  That is just me and my thoughts walking home.

Some days, I tend to be mindful of my surroundings. How many things we see but not really see every day?

Pigeons and other birds near the intersection is not a surprise. some days, they are on the floor looking for food. Some will be having romantic dances. 

This particular evening last week, I saw them sitting on top of a building. 

Are they having a good time there? What are they talking to each other? I kept wondering!

 Armed with my phone, I  catch few shots. But, they are very far to get a nice photo with a phone camera. 

To get that much nearer, I used the zoom on the phone. The birds flying down to sit with their friends create some movement. But, they are on the side. 

I think the second one is better. Any suggestions or tips?

I thought the birds are free of worries and have the freedom to fly. But, actually, are they having a worry-free life? do they have anxiety about having enough for tomorrow? Do they think of death? 

It is nice to imagine it is a party and fun. Isn't it?