Friday, February 5, 2016

The storm hit

I said life has to go on. But, then the storm hit....
The storm was bad and hard. 
My husband lost his job when his company closed in middle of January 2016, due to lack of cash.

We were shocked... Then I cried. Then decided... Life has to go on...
You know it right?
The next thing is to be financially free. 
I work 3 part time jobs. They are just above minimum wage. Precisely they are dental assistant jobs.

Hubby got the ROE and applied for Employment Insurance.
Did you know there is a waiting period of two weeks to receive the EI benefits?

Our life was not luxurious before. So it is tougher after the job loss.
We are on a spending cut now. No buying other than grocery and gas.
Hubby is applying for jobs. No calls yet. These things will take time... we are told.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stopping crafts

I haven't been to the blog for over a year.
Think is I stopped crafting.
My little house looks much better. I started working again.
Dear Daughter is in university and staying out of home.
It was hard at first, and got used to now.
Now a days I don't complain about working. It is great to keep working.
I still have my craft supplies. But donated many things to friends.
It made me happy. Closed my Etsy store too. It was a big relief.
Yes, life has to go on....

Monday, December 1, 2014

When nothing else to be done...

I am Bored...
They day is dull...
Then I started cutting an old blue t-shirt.
It became yarn.

Lovely1 isn't it?
I stretched it a bit with my hand. With a big hook, crocheted a rectangle and added a loop too.

Crocheting with T-shirt yarn is very comfortable for my hands. I used double crochet stitches.
The foundation is 9+3 chains.
The problem with using my own T-shirt is I won't get much yarn to complete a big project.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When the inspiration hits...

It is already November... Can you believe it?
Aren't i suppose to make Christmas cards? Crochet something for winter???
Not really.
I made cards, but not Christmas cards
What you think?
Found 3 cute birds on an old calendar. Then I cut them, and made them two. On a second thought, I am thinking, I could have embossed it too.

This one is simple. I used paint and brush to write "Love"
I think, the leaves add a special touch to it. Both cards can be framed. Or can be displayed on the bookshelf. 
What would you do if you receive one of it?


Friday, October 31, 2014

Mixed media card with embroidery and crochet

I was playing with cardstock and paint.
Got something not very happy about.
It was almost got abandoned, till the idea of stitching over it come.

 Now the plant and the flower pop up even though it is rainy and cloudy, right?
I added yellow ribbon to give it kind of more attention. 
The card needs a lining inside to cover the stitches though.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mixed media birthday card

I was thinking about making a birthday card for my pretty niece
After thinking much about it, i kind of settled for a cake design.
 For a sweet little girl, butterflies are good. So stamped them all over.
Added a ribbon bow.
Stamped "happy birthday"
Now I am kinda happy with it.