Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Working Together

It is a Henry ford quote.

I designed the graphic so that I can make something. 

Creating something on a blank page is very calming. 



Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The day after the storm

It is still chilly out there. I ventured out to work yesterday. 

My husband promised to drop me off at the subway station. But, at the turn to the road from our place, one car got stuck in the snow. There was not enough room to pass it. So, I ended up walking to the station.

The sidewalk was messy. I walked along the side of the road. 


That car looks abandoned from yesterday. There was no actual sidewalk, as you can see.

That bus was still there when I was coming back. 

The subway was fine. But, in downtown, where I was supposed to get a streetcar, I waited for an hour in the cold. Only to be notified that the streetcar is not coming that way.

The subway was fine. But, in downtown, where I was supposed to get a streetcar, I waited for an hour in the cold. Only to be notified that the streetcar is not coming that way. 

I got a cab and reached the office. Thank god, I left home very early! I was there before the first patient. 

It was amazing that we didn't get any cancellations! 

The return trip was not bad. Subway and streetcars were running on time. 

 My daughter came to the subway station to walk me home. Walking with her was fun. We both were enjoying the white surroundings. 

The snow-covered trees,  half-cleared sidewalks and the fences... everything was pretty with the snowy backdrop and the street lights. 

That last photo is my favourite! 


Monday, January 17, 2022

I don't want to go out

From yesterday onwards, the prediction for today is heavy snow and blizzard conditions. 

I woke up in the morning. Opened the door to have a peek

 The sun was not out yet. The walkway and the garden were filled with snow. We decided to cook things before 7 AM, so the hydro rates will still be lower. While we were in the kitchen, the person came with the snowblower. She did it two times to mark the path. 

After breakfast, I was looking outside to see how it is. The snow was getting heavy. Reporters on TV were asking people to stay off the road if possible. Seeing the cars and trucks stuck on the highway, I decided, I cannot go out in this weather.

I informed the workplace that I cannot make it and apologized for the inconvenience. The supervisor was like "I never take a day off due to blizzard conditions". 

I can see the road through my back window. So many cars were stuck there. 

Those cars were there for more than half an hour. Then some drivers came out and tried to remove some snow from the road. 

It still was not working. I didn't see a single bus coming there. 

This chair in the backyard was taken at 10 AM.
Let we see how it looks at 2pm

The Toronto schools were supposed to be reopened for in-person learning today. But, the school boards cancelled that. 

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better! 

Friday, January 14, 2022

New Year : Covid scare

It is already the middle of January. 

One evening, I was dropped off at the subway by a co-worker. We both had masks on (But not N95 or something like that). I was grateful to have a ride! I was working after the Christmas holidays.

The following day, she texted me with news about her hubby tested positive for Covid. She got tested on Jan 2nd and got a positive result on Jan 3rd. It was already New Year's eve. So, we decided to keep ourselves at home for the New Year. 

Since my workplace is a dental office, I have to go to the office. To be on the safe side and to protect my family, I decided to get tested. I got both vaccines and the booster. 

That is when I realized we could get a PCR test faster if we were willing to pay. The testing centre is at the Eaton Center. But, they will test you if you don't have any symptoms. Since I did not have any symptoms, I got the test.

The result was negative. 

What a relief!.

If anyone is interested in knowing where I found the information, it is here

How is your January shaping up?



Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What a fun evening to have!

It was Tuesday. I finished work at about eight at night. I started reading the book the minute I settled on the seat on the train. 

The novel was exciting. The main character is on a beautiful island while the world is going through a pandemic. She was swimming along with a man in the ocean and pulled away by an undercurrent. The next page reveals that she is just waking up from a coma in a hospital. 

At that exact moment, I realized I missed my stop too. I got out to the next station to take the train back to my intended station in a hurry. Once out of the train, I realize my handbag is still on the strain seat. Now, I am out with no credit card or money. I know my husband will be waiting at the station to take me home. But my phone was not giving any signal to call. I hunch the bag will be given to the lost and found. I told a cleaner at the platform about the missing bag. He told me to talk to the collector at the booth. The collector asked to go to the terminal station, just two stops away. There, people will clean trains. So I may get it back!

I decided to go to the last station. The janitors on the platform directed me to the supervisor's office. They had the bag!!!! So, finally, I reunited with my bag.

Lesson learned: Read the book, but stop reading it before the actual stop to prevent this kind of incident again!!!

The people working on TTC were very kind and helped that night.  


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas 2021

It is Christmas!

We had snow yesterday. But, it is almost gone with the rain. Green Christmas it is. 

Because the number of Covid cases is increasing, we decided to have a stay at home Christmas. 

We watched the Netflix movie "Don't Look Up".  Lunch was homemade biriyani. 

I got my booster shot two days ago. I am not looking forward to boxing day shopping at all. It will be acceptable to stay home and away from crowds. 

On Christmas eve, we thought about a plan if one of us got sick. Since we are all double vaccinated and are getting booster shots, the next one is to plan if we get actually sick: the worst-case scenario

According to the plan, we need credit cards to buy online. If one of us gets really sick, we need to call 911. Then we have to have friends' phone numbers to let them know about the situation. Maybe they will be courageous to drop off food outside. 

I have to call and inform my workplace that I am sick and cannot work. That reminds me to check if I can get EI while isolating and recovering. 

Have you made a plan if you get Covid?




Friday, December 24, 2021

I Won!

I love reading books. You might know it already.

I love to read financial blogs too. "My Own Advisor" and "Your Ever growing income" are among the favourites. 

I found Mark's blog in 2016. After studying several personal finance books and blogs, I started DIY investments. "My Own Advisor" is about Financial Independence, Work On Own Terms or #FIWOOT. Who is more interested in your money than you? 

The person behind "Your Ever Growing Income" is Mr Henry Mah. He talks about income investing, i.e. dividend investing. 

He has already published four books. I own two of them already. 

He was doing a giveaway of his new book, "Salary For Life", on his blog. I joined in the contest. I also won the ebook along with four others!

I wanted to buy the book, and it came to me!!

I learned about DRIP or dividend reinvestment plan from him. 

You can also ask him for advice, and in return, he will ask you to donate to Salvation Army. 

Thanks to Mr Henry Mah and his blog!