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Monday, September 1, 2014

Very Crafty day projects and a Mixed Media Art

Last week was a lot of work... Did I tell you my daughter is starting college this year? We dropped her off at the dorm this weekend. Finally, me too an empty nester.
It is kind of bittersweet experience. I am missing her and I am happy she is going to study more. You know what I mean? 

Back to blogging:
A set of beads were waiting for some kind of inspiration. Pink ribbon, and clear beads: Just a project for the BinduDesigns Blog. Not a mixed media work though.
I feel like playing with colours after organizing my storage room. 
So, picked up this old project , (you can see the last picture there). 

Worked on that, and added more colour:
When I just close the eye, I can see this bright circles... I kind of made that in this mixed media project. I used fabric paste, acrylic paints, and water color to get it done. It still needs my signature crochet piece. Used few stencils (made by me) to create the background. 
Sometimes, when I feel like it, I have to go on making. That is why the washclothes got some paint on them.
I have a butterfly stencil:

I put the washcloth out and stamped butterfly on it. Nothing fancy, just experimenting. Used craft acrylic paint for that.
Thinking, to stitch on top of it...
It will be interesting, right? 
 I did an upcycle project too. You guess it, it is mixed media project. The show and tell will be another day. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mixed media Tag : Index card project

I love the index card idea. So, to keep things moving and to get some immediate gratification, I turned to the index cards again.

A bit of stamping a bit of stitching, bit of glueing..
I have only two stamp pads: one red and one green.
A butterfly foam stamp from dollar store becomes my favourite .

 I used a cut up portion from an egg carton to stamp the green squarish design.
Want to see that?
I used some buttonhole stitches with yellow embroidery floss around the card. 
Since the card is very flimsy, I decided to glue it on a piece of cardboard.
Me being me, a plain cardboard is not great. This is visible outside right?
So, I draw the trees with my black sharpie marker.

How you like my trees?
Then punched a hole, added a piece of pink ribbon That is enough right?
Will you be happy if you get this one along with a gift?
Bindu Designs