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Monday, August 18, 2014

Collage backgrounds

Sometimes, cutting and pasting paper strips is just fun  It can be done when there is not much time to be devoted for a craft. 
It is really fun to work on small palette like an index card. 
I tried a blue and white stripe.
That was made by cutting an old magazine. 
There are tons of free magazine type flyers are available to pick up from malls and library. 
The Hispanic Fiesta is just one captured my attention the other day. 

Now, you see how pretty it is... Also, I want to know the details of the event. 
Most of the pages have a pattern on it:
See that wave pattern? It was accidently discovered. Good for me. So I can try collage on index card:
The result is a nice chevron pattern. 

The above one is doodled with crayola markers. 
They are not yet mixed media projects. But, you never know, what they are going to become...

PS.I love you sharing the post on your social media sites. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trying collage on Index card

I wanted to try my hands on collage making. 
There are some magazines, which needed to be recycled too. I am not ready to commit on a large project. So, I chose an index card. 
I wanted to try triangle shapes . 
With a glue stick and cut down triangles from magazine pages, I am ready . The triangles are chosen for their textures. A wooden cutting board, an avocado, a bowl of pasta...Textures are everywhere. Then combined with some painted papers from my stash, I got this one:
It is fun and easy. This can be used in some other mixed media projects, I guess. I am not sure is there any theories for making collage. This is pretty basic, i am thinking. 
May be I can add a focal image on this one to give it some more importance. 
Any suggestions for collage making? I appreciate all kind of suggestions. That is how I learn more. So, please help me with your suggestions.

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