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Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas Cards

I started working on Christmas projects early, you might think.
But, actually I am not early at all...
That is one of the things with owning an Etsy shop.
My stuff must be out when the customers started thinking of Christmas. Otherwise, the things I make are not going to be reaching my customers before Christmas.
Interesting, right?
Here is a new card added to shop today

I used acrylic paint to make the green background. Other things are just stickers.

It is looking great.  If you want to make one, it is an easy DIY card project.
Just paint the cardstock with the paint. Then add otherwise blah looking sticker on top of it.
Add your greetings or just stamp a message.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mixed media and butterflies

I learned to crochet butterflies. Now, I  am interested in making media as you know. So, to have a small canvass, i started making greeting cards.
Now, I have butterflies and mixed media together. 

I am thinking of adding some of them to my Etsy shop. If I get sales, then I can have some important things I am drooling over. When I searched for Mixed Media greeting cards, one of my cards came in the first page itself. That is amazing. Ya! to myself.
Have you ever tried making mixed media greeting cards? It is fun. 
Just remember not to add a lot of water unless you are using mixed media paper.  


Monday, October 15, 2012

Path to success on Etsy

I was looking on the Etsy website. In the forums they suggest to shop local. I tried to find my crocheted items on local search. I tried crocheted skinny infinity scarf. But, Any scarf from Bindu Designs came up on Etsy local.
Since they changed the browse categories, many are complaining about not getting enough views. But, they were getting a lot of views before.
What I can't figure out is they found a way to get those views before. Now, Etsy changed tactics and some others are coming up.
I guess, my crocheted scrunchie is getting more views now, even though it is not getting sold.
Things are better than before for Bindu Designs, because I think, I am got 3 sales on October itself. Also, I am showing up more on the teams. People actually stated to respond to my questions and suggestions there. Also, the discussions in other forums are also getting noticed.
Today, I shopped for more inventory. Many online discussions are pinting out the importance of having business cards. I haven't yet made them. Still kind of thinking how and where to make them. I can save on shipping by doing it local. Making few cards by hand is also an idea. It is very cost effective too. My time and efforts are better than spending money in this initial stage. The cards are needed only when a sale occurs. The handmade thank you cards are really fine now.
131 items are there in the shop. Sales are the important things. Once I start making some money there, I can start investing in business cards and things like that. Right now, just keep adding more and keep the inventory growing. It is a lot of work.
Bindu Designs

Friday, October 5, 2012

Path to Success On Etsy

Bindu Designs on Etsy won a challenge on creating treasury in EtsyBitsy team. So, my shop, will be featured for this week's treasury challenge.
That means I am getting a lot of views. I also bought one new item from Etsy. I am glad to get one sale too.
Right now, Bindu Designs on Etsy has 124 items.
Yesterday, I joined on EtsyShoptimizer.  The website will give a feedback about the store. So I updated the shop announcement, shipping info etc. Also edited some of the listings. So, I am having an A grade there.
Few days ago, I joined Craftori. This website will permit to add one picture a day for free with the chosen keyword. I am not sure, it is great for marketing. But, give it a try anyway. is another website suggested in one of the teams. That is really helpful in knowing which of your items are expiring for each day. It also gives the number of "hearts" and views on a calendar format.

The other efforts was to create a new banner. The story of  the banner is added to Bindu Blogs.
Today morning, I uploaded a few pictures to tumbr also. Many more sites are suggested by the savvy sellers.
A day has only 24 hours and I am a single person.To keep the shop going, one needed to add items continuously. Also, to show the shop, marketing is very important.
The person who asked me to make an infinity scarf didn't buy it at all. I have a promise from her to buy the brown infinity scarf though.
I believe, the hard work has to be paid off. The shop will make somebody happy.
Bindu Designs

Monday, October 1, 2012

Path to success on Etsy

I created a new banner for the shop. When I say weekend, you may think a regular weekend. My weekend is usually only Sunday. The Sunday should usually be devoted for the chores of the home. Then some running around for shopping... It will finish soon and I will be like, ya, it is ove... where the time gone?

But, this weekend, somehow, I got about an hour to play with things and was able to make a banner.
I didn't made any interesting things other than that.
The day was cloudy. So taking pictures of the finished scarves for the shop was not an option.

When I checked today, I won the treasury challenge by EtsyBitsy team. That sounds good.
Then, My hair tie was featured on another treasury.
But, I haven't got a sale yet. Hopefully, I will get one soon... since several items got expired on the shop, I needed to renew few items to keep the numbers higher. If I will be listing the last two infinity scarves as well, then I should have 119 items for sure.
Still a lot more to make to reach 200.

Bindu Designs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's Progress and positivity.

Tuesday is finishing. I did make a skinny scarf. Changed the pattern for the soap saver bag and made one using lavender yarn.
So, even tough, it started with negative self talking, I was able to keep on the goal. Made a few things, and they are ready to be photographed and added to Etsy shop.
My Facebook page, has 113 fans. Also, got one more twitter follower. Thinking of all that, the day is a success.
The positive attitude is keeping me up. Read some craft blogs and left comments for the interesting ones.
So far, a good day,
Bindu Designs