Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trying collage on Index card

I wanted to try my hands on collage making. 
There are some magazines, which needed to be recycled too. I am not ready to commit on a large project. So, I chose an index card. 
I wanted to try triangle shapes . 
With a glue stick and cut down triangles from magazine pages, I am ready . The triangles are chosen for their textures. A wooden cutting board, an avocado, a bowl of pasta...Textures are everywhere. Then combined with some painted papers from my stash, I got this one:
It is fun and easy. This can be used in some other mixed media projects, I guess. I am not sure is there any theories for making collage. This is pretty basic, i am thinking. 
May be I can add a focal image on this one to give it some more importance. 
Any suggestions for collage making? I appreciate all kind of suggestions. That is how I learn more. So, please help me with your suggestions.

Bindu Designs


  1. Now this makes a great background for something added to the top.I love the triangles. Not sure there are collage rules. Just put together things. I think your collage might need a focal point if it was a finished collage, but I love it as background!

  2. Good idea to start small Bindu, you have some good colors going! I like to add 3 D things so collage, simple things like string or fabric. Then it really gives it texture. The more you do the more you will get a feel for what you like. Good start!


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