Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to get in the mood to make art?

For most of the days I don't wake up feeling like a clear idea of what type of art to make during the day. So, after the morning chores, I will start by reading other blogs, checking my email and stuff like that. 
Then, I will bring my supplies out to my desk.
My workspace is an Ikea foldable dining table. I bought a vinyl tablecloth to cover it while making art aka mess. Then i place a bristol board on top of it as an added precaution. 
Usually the first thing is applying gesso to one or two sheets of paper. Once that is done, it will be left to dry.
Now, I can move on to the journal or a gessoed paper to make background. 
While making the background,sometimes, an idea will strike. Usually, I will feel like adding something on the page like beads or threads or text torn from books. I will wander around to bring more things to the table. Sometimes, I will go to work on making an easy foam stamp or finding things to make texture.
Making the things move and giving the freedom to sidetrack works sometimes. 
Before hubby comes home from work, the things has to be cleaned and the table has to be folded. 
How you get the mood to make art? Any particular tips? 

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