Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Path to success on Etsy

Today, I reclaimed my wordpress.com blog, named BinduDesigns. It is a wonder that I had that url for some time and was completely forgotten about it.
Hurricane Sandy was making me anxious yesterday. But, still I was actively crocheting. No new listings were added. More marketing was done though.
The next thing must be to add the new items. I am making a new small blanket using yellow yarn. It is a very softy baby like yarn. So, it is going to be a babyblanket. I needed to think about a give away as well.
The blue scarf on the BinduDesigns shop will be perfect.

The scarf is very beautiful. The picture is recently changed again on the shop.
The texture created by the pattern is more visible now.
Bindu Designs

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