Friday, October 3, 2014

Fabric Friday.

I was working with fabric.You know, all the embroidery floss, cutting fabri pieces and stitching it over...
Still it is work in progress. 

I used some markers to colour the fabric. then stitch and stitch and stitch...
Here is the full view
I am learning,  you know. I wanted to practice. Practice can be fun, right?
I want to add some paint on top of it. But, I am not fully happy with the applique.

Talking about colour, how about this one?
It is also fabric. Jersey fabric to say correctly. I used fabric stiffener to make it feel like paper first. It is crisp after drying.  
Do you love the colours?


Monday, September 29, 2014

Mixed media Monday

I have a sewing machine. It is a basic Singer machine. I was trying to make it work and gave up because of many problems. Recently my husband's cousin repaired it. After that it kind of working for me. 
That does not mean I can sew garments. Now, I am trying to use it for my mixed media work. You know, sewing with hand takes a lot of time. 
After spending much time on hand embroidering on a piece, I decided to try using the machine. 

That one was a collage on index card. I stitched it to the cloth piece. 
Added a piece of cotton fabric I painted using washable markers. 
It feels not balanced yet. The embroidery is looking good, don't you all agree?

I added a new card to my Etsy shop yesterday. 
I am working on a journal page using the ephemera received last week.  

 The baby picture and the quote  from +JackieP Neal . The middle is a painted cotton fabric. The heart I cut from cloth and used some purple acrylic to stain it. 

Added some more paint. The baby picture has a special meaning to me.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

I got Mail!

I got a big parcel on Monday!

A lot of goodies in it.

See the package under the pile? It is so lovely. I am keeping that one too.
Then there are the goodies!!
+JackieP Neal  send me all those wonderful things. The packet also has one set of acrylic paints.

Can you see that music sheet? I wanted one for some time...How did she know????
Then there are a lot of pattered papers, small pictures, and oh my you know I am on cloud nine with all the possibilities.

Those were hidden inside in the ziploc bag. Thank Jackie! 

Jackie has a blog, Creating without Crayons. She is very talented artist. Her projects are really worth to see. She explains clearly how she made her projects. Her blog is very inspiring 


Mixed media collage

The time is flying!. i haven't much accomplished during the week. 
This collage is done yesterday evening.

I just wish my scanner is working....


Monday, September 22, 2014

MixedMedia Monday

Monday mornings are usually quiet. That is the time to get creative. 
Most of the time my hands are getting the itch to do something. I don't know, it is kind of constant nagging of I have to do something.
Let me share with you some ongoing projects.

First a project for the coming christmas:

It is a paper bag. But, it is a mixed media project as well. It look s like this on one side:

Did I mention it is if got christmas?

The back I did some butterflies.

Then I am working on a photo. It is almost finished. 

The last one is a greeting card with heart on it. 

The heart itself is a mixed media work with paint , fabric crochet, embroidery and bead. I will show it closer:
It is not finished yet. You can see the wet paint. 


Why I added and removed Traffic generation cafe from Blogroll

I like the articles on Traffic generation cafe.
So I added it to my blogroll as you might have noticed. You might have heard of Anna Hoffman and her wonderful techniques for generating traffic, to blogs.
Then, according to Hoffman, if we add a link to another blog, it is a courtesy to let the owner know, we added them.
Since my blog is not about blogging, Anna Hoffman thinks, it might hurt the traffic to her website. It can hurt mine as well, she said in her reply.
I wanted to keep Traffic generation cafe on my blogroll as an easy link for me to visit her site.
Since she asked me to take it off, I am removing it from my blog.
A great expert like Hoffman says something, we have to listen right?
Have you ever added a link to another blog and had to remove it because the owner doesn't like it?


Friday, September 19, 2014

Sweater makeover

The old blue sweater is my favourite. When it is really cold, colour of the sweater doesn't matter. But, for now, in the autumn, I needed to give it a makeover.
Pinterest can be very inspiring. 
So a flower on one of the boards:

I have denim fabric. I made 3 of those flowers. 
Stitched on to the sweater as a cluster. That will be fine for today.

What you do to give your old favourites a makeover?
I am not doing a step by step instruction on how to make the flower, because,I think, it is available on the net. 
If anybody like to have a picture tutorial, let me know in the comments. I will do a post for that