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Monday, October 1, 2012

Path to success on Etsy

I created a new banner for the shop. When I say weekend, you may think a regular weekend. My weekend is usually only Sunday. The Sunday should usually be devoted for the chores of the home. Then some running around for shopping... It will finish soon and I will be like, ya, it is ove... where the time gone?

But, this weekend, somehow, I got about an hour to play with things and was able to make a banner.
I didn't made any interesting things other than that.
The day was cloudy. So taking pictures of the finished scarves for the shop was not an option.

When I checked today, I won the treasury challenge by EtsyBitsy team. That sounds good.
Then, My hair tie was featured on another treasury.
But, I haven't got a sale yet. Hopefully, I will get one soon... since several items got expired on the shop, I needed to renew few items to keep the numbers higher. If I will be listing the last two infinity scarves as well, then I should have 119 items for sure.
Still a lot more to make to reach 200.

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