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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mixed media card with embroidery and crochet

I was playing with cardstock and paint.
Got something not very happy about.
It was almost got abandoned, till the idea of stitching over it come.

 Now the plant and the flower pop up even though it is rainy and cloudy, right?
I added yellow ribbon to give it kind of more attention. 
The card needs a lining inside to cover the stitches though.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Embroidery hoop project.

 I bought three 6 inch embroidery hoops. 
Used embroidery floss and stitched a grid like,
This is going to be on the wall of my little nest. 
I am going to have 3 of those as a group.
Still I have to do the back of the hoop. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Butterfly towels.

The wash towels are just plane janes. 
I love butterflies. It reminds me of my home country and the native place Kerala. 
So, purple butterflies on pink towels. 
What is the use of it?
You may want to know. 
I love to keep one in my bag instead of a handkerchief. It is pretty and it is very absorbent cotton. 

I can hang in my kitchen to dry my dishes. 

may be i can put it on the fridge handle to avoid the smudges.

I can use it to wrap two cookies to take to workplace as a snack. 

I can think of so many uses. What you do if you get them ?


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Tuesday project: Not Mixed Media?

Remember, yesterdays butterfly?
I said, I might embroider on top of it. Yes, I did that.
Have you ever seen a green butterfly? 
Here we go:
Do you know, I was able to scan this one. Easy and pretty work.
The entire embroidery is stitched using back stitch. I used DMC embroidery floss.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mixed media Tag : Index card project

I love the index card idea. So, to keep things moving and to get some immediate gratification, I turned to the index cards again.

A bit of stamping a bit of stitching, bit of glueing..
I have only two stamp pads: one red and one green.
A butterfly foam stamp from dollar store becomes my favourite .

 I used a cut up portion from an egg carton to stamp the green squarish design.
Want to see that?
I used some buttonhole stitches with yellow embroidery floss around the card. 
Since the card is very flimsy, I decided to glue it on a piece of cardboard.
Me being me, a plain cardboard is not great. This is visible outside right?
So, I draw the trees with my black sharpie marker.

How you like my trees?
Then punched a hole, added a piece of pink ribbon That is enough right?
Will you be happy if you get this one along with a gift?
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