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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Collage Greeting card

I was really trying my hands on collage. Remember this post?

The  Bio Art Girl suggested I should have a focal image on the collage.
So that is what I did.
I cut out the picture of a cat from an old calendar. ( I love cats and dogs. But, I don't own one)
It looks so cute on the collage back ground. 
I can't wait to put the cat on something. So I placed it on a blank greeting card.
Now, I have a cat greeting card. 
It is pretty as it is, right? I am thinking of making it a birthday greetings.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Curiosity: A mixed Media work

Many of my mixed media trials were done on watercolor paper and just cardboards. I got bended/bulked pieces when things are dried. 
Then I came to know that, there is this paper called 'Mixed Media Paper". The nearest art and craft store where I can get those is DeSerres.
My hubby was in a good mood last week to take me there.(Usually after work, he don't like to go shopping) I got Gesso and multimedia paper from there. The funny thing is, I wanted to look around shop and he wanted to go home right after getting the necessary things. (Do you take husband to do window shopping with you in craft store?). All of a sudden, the thunderstorm started and we were really stuck in the store for about 20 minutes. He watched rain, and walked around the store.

I was scared to do something on my precious Mixedmedia paper... You know the feeling of what if I ruined it...Anyway, I got enough courage to work on it. I used the DIY foam stamps that I showed here, on that one. 

A piece of hand embroidered fabric is also used in this one. Above the eyes, I used the punched out foam dots to make the blue hair. I call it "Curiosity". I was feeling like a child peeking through the curtains to see what is going on outside. The white thick lines are created with homemade fiber paste. I used Kelly's recipe to make it.  You can see recipes for Molding paste and chalk paint also on that page. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY texture making for Mixed Media Back grounds

It is fun to experiment with foam sheets. Remember the last post?  Today, it is fun time again.
So I made two more simple designs.

 The first one is made by pressing the top of a marker. Then I draw with pencil on top of it to make the marks more clear. The second one is hand drawn with pencil. I tried it on printed paper already. You can see they are used and pint is still on them.
I stamped the foam sheets with different colours on the paper. It is just printed paper, which is served it's purpose already. So, by printing with foam sheets, I am recycling (upcycling) them for my art work.
There is one more I have made today. I cut the sheet with  paper scissors in wave pattern. Then glued them on a piece of cardstock. I haven't tried it yet. 
 I would like to experiment with ordinary plastic buttons next.. You know, the type usually on the dress shirts? What other things you think/know to be used in Mixed Media to make texture
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