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Monday, September 22, 2014

MixedMedia Monday

Monday mornings are usually quiet. That is the time to get creative. 
Most of the time my hands are getting the itch to do something. I don't know, it is kind of constant nagging of I have to do something.
Let me share with you some ongoing projects.

First a project for the coming christmas:

It is a paper bag. But, it is a mixed media project as well. It look s like this on one side:

Did I mention it is if got christmas?

The back I did some butterflies.

Then I am working on a photo. It is almost finished. 

The last one is a greeting card with heart on it. 

The heart itself is a mixed media work with paint , fabric crochet, embroidery and bead. I will show it closer:
It is not finished yet. You can see the wet paint. 


Thursday, September 4, 2014

I feel alive: Mixed Media Work

I feel alive:
 when there are  the flowers in  the open
 When the trees are happy
 When the birds are chirping
 When the sad purs under my feet
 when clouds swim in the sky
 when there are colours to view
 when my hands can create
 when my mind feels no borders

Alive: MixedMedia on paper

Items used:
Mixed media paper
Kitchen towel
acrylic paint.
Fiber paste
Dried tea from used tea bag
Acrylic sealer

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mixed Media Greeting card

Haven't you keep a lot of blank cards to make handmade cards?
I keep few in my stash all the tim. 
sometimes, you get them on a bargain price, like these ones:

 In the cover they looked so lovely. I loved the prints.They came in a pretty box with a memo pad with same prints and a set of index cards. It was in my stash for months now. 
This year, I am going to give handmade greeting cards for Christmas. That is going to be fun.
I am also trying to learn few hand embroidery stitches. So, combining fabric, paper, thread... 
I am not sure it can be called mixed media greetings card, because, I didn't add any paint on it. 
The embroidery stitch is called interlaced running stitch. 
Should it needs some sequins? or beads? Or just leave it as it is...
What you think? Any suggestion is helpful.
Bindu Designs

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heart on a card: A simple mixed media project

 When I wake up in the morning, I felt pain on my shoulders. There is pain on my neck. It is hard to turn, it is hard to do stuff with hands. Today is a working out day too. Did I ever mentioned that I am a dental assistant? I want to work today and hope and hope to work whole day. ( Because, I need that money to buy my paper, paint, threads and ... you know the stuff?)

So, todays creative work is small. Actually I started it yesterday.
The heart is cut from denim. To keep the threads from fraying out, I used clear nail polish on the edges.
A white line of beads were stitched on the heart. 

I had this patterned paper book as a Christmas gift from last year. Cut a circle with scissors. (How I wish to have circle punches...)

The white blank card is from Michaels. (The store is far from where I live and I need my hubby  to  take me there. So going to Michaels is kind of a big treat)

I draw around the circle with crayola marker. I forgot to mention that I used some pink nail polish (Sally Hansen) on the heart to give that pinkish shade on the edges.  I loved making it. 
Guess, it needs a little more bling to give that finished look. 
May be I will play with it later tonight.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Another mixed media Work in Progress

When I started I was thinking of following my heart.
So, that is what I start with
I stitched on a piece of cloth. 
Added some acrylic paint on it.
Now, it is not going to be fast because, the paint need to dry. Then I need to add more pint and some other things. 
Embroidery kind of disappeared with paint. So added the dimensional fabric paint along the stitched letters. It is my handdrawn words. It is not the way I was thinking it going to be. So, the "following" needs more tweeking. After two hours gone by, I need to stop and get back to chores now.

I am in need of more colour... Flowers? leaved? Geometric shapes???? Or just leave it like that?????
What you think? I can't figure out now.
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New page on Mixedmedia Art Journal

 My art journal is really an ordinary book. It has ruled pages too. 
That is the one I started experimenting with. It still has pages. 
My birthday was last week. I don't have great party or celebration for that. 
But, my daughter usually give gifts on my birthday. 
This year, I decided to make a page to remember about her gifts to me.

She gave me an origami swan. Inside it she wrote how I support her more than her friends. Wow! It was lovely!! 
She made a beaded necklace for the swan too. Along with it, she gave me chocolate with I love Mom on it. 
She know, I am a chocolate lover. 

I added little paint to the swan. The background with yellow, pink and orange is a piece of kitchen towel, I used to wipe my brush.
I made few multimedia background using facial tissue paper after viewing a video on youtube. It was shared on the G+. I will try to find the link again to put it here.

 The chocolate wrappers were beautiful. She bought it from GoDiva. Don't you love the polka dots?
My sweet girl knows mummy's likes. 
I used glue stick to glue them down. 
Now let us see the completed look:It is still drying only. You can see the cardboard I put beneath the page to protect my next page.

Bindu Designs

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Emotion: a mixedimedia WIP

I started it yesterday. The image is not fully out from my mind yet. 
I have to work more on this one. 
 I have more plans for this one.
I will write about the materials used in another post. I am really working with recycled materials and on a low budget. Wish to get nice paints and few better brushes,,,, I dream about having mixed media paper too. 
Bindu Designs

Friday, May 30, 2014

Another step in exploring mixedmedia art

I started off today's multimedia art  project with watercolor paper. There is no particular reason to think of watercolor today.
 I wanted to sit and and complete one piece. That was all in the mind. As usual, started with watered down glue as the first layer. Then some water color paints, which my hubby gave me. Then all of a sudden, i have the urge to incorporate some fabric in the work.

I cut a piece of the above fabric. Actually, I torned it out. Then, I really wanted to add few embroidery strands on it. Nothing fancy, just straight stitches with a long needle...
Then glued the piece down to the paper. Added some patterned paper, paint, stamped flowers.. it is not visible that much though.
The pattern on the fabric is lovely. So, added some acrylic paint to highlight the yummy prints.

 I am kind of getting the satisfaction...

I want to leave it for now. It is going to hang on the wall, Ithink. A little more added to it...May be, but that is for the next week. 
I can't decide what to call it. "Feathers" or "My Dream".

What you like to call it?

Bindu Designs

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exploring Abstract

Since I am exploring the mixed media and painting to learn myself, I wanted to make something in my altered journal to practice it. 
Few days ago, I came across this site, Art Is Fun. The site is created by Thaneeya Mcardle.
If you are trying to learn by yourself, like me, then this is a good site. Many articles explain the method of doing art work. I decided to learn about Abstract.
Thaneeya provided her artwork and how she created it in one article. So, this one is inspired by Thaneeya.
 I began the project with Kelly Donovan's suggestions. So, used white glue diluted with water to prep the page. Then used acrylic paints on top of it. I dried each layer before adding the next layer.
 Once the page is prepped, I started playing with paint and brush.Kind of made some shapes, added few details. It is not great like the colorful work Thaneeya showed. Can I actually say this is inspired by her?
The left side page I used to dry the brush. I followed Kelly's advice and didn't want to waste paint. 
 The below one is the finished page in another angle. I am taking the courage to put it on the web.
What you think? Good, bad or ugly?
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