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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Path to Success on Etsy

I was having a BIG headache yesterday. It still continues today too. But, I am working on a new infinity scarf It is a very soft grey. One of the Crochet teams on Etsy mentioned Grey being the favorite crochet color.
The yarn is very soft to touch. That is why I bought it. To give the scarf some personality, I think, I needed to add a bit of color.
Getting back links to the store is very critical for the success of online shop. So, I got this advice to add links to the shop on my blog.
In a way to help my fellow Etsy sellers, i will be adding some interviews on Bindu Blogs too. the fist is with the shop, A Word Fitly spoken.
I made a new treasury yesterday though. The clicking team gave it a lot of clicking. I tweeted and Facebooked it. So the Brown treasury got a lot of views.
Bindu Designs

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Path to Success on /Etsy

 Today I wrote answers to the interview questions on a blog.It will give me another link. Glad about that. My orange scrunchie is showing up in the browse and got couple of views from it. So, i decided to add few more scrunchies. Linking them to each other and linking to matching items...That kind of helping the customers.
Reduced the price of soap savers.
Also, posted new items to shop. Right now I checked and found that 95 views for me. That is great, I guess. Usually it will be around 70.

So, today, I took photos of caps.

Then the scrunchies, I put them on my hand as bracelets for the picture. They will make nice bracelets. I love them
They are added to the shop. 
Blue, Grey and burgandy are added to the shop. The multi color ones may go tomorrow. It is too late to take pictures. That is it for Bindu Designs today.

Bindu Designs

Friday, October 5, 2012

Path to Success On Etsy

Bindu Designs on Etsy won a challenge on creating treasury in EtsyBitsy team. So, my shop, will be featured for this week's treasury challenge.
That means I am getting a lot of views. I also bought one new item from Etsy. I am glad to get one sale too.
Right now, Bindu Designs on Etsy has 124 items.
Yesterday, I joined on EtsyShoptimizer.  The website will give a feedback about the store. So I updated the shop announcement, shipping info etc. Also edited some of the listings. So, I am having an A grade there.
Few days ago, I joined Craftori. This website will permit to add one picture a day for free with the chosen keyword. I am not sure, it is great for marketing. But, give it a try anyway. is another website suggested in one of the teams. That is really helpful in knowing which of your items are expiring for each day. It also gives the number of "hearts" and views on a calendar format.

The other efforts was to create a new banner. The story of  the banner is added to Bindu Blogs.
Today morning, I uploaded a few pictures to tumbr also. Many more sites are suggested by the savvy sellers.
A day has only 24 hours and I am a single person.To keep the shop going, one needed to add items continuously. Also, to show the shop, marketing is very important.
The person who asked me to make an infinity scarf didn't buy it at all. I have a promise from her to buy the brown infinity scarf though.
I believe, the hard work has to be paid off. The shop will make somebody happy.
Bindu Designs

Monday, October 1, 2012

Path to success on Etsy

I created a new banner for the shop. When I say weekend, you may think a regular weekend. My weekend is usually only Sunday. The Sunday should usually be devoted for the chores of the home. Then some running around for shopping... It will finish soon and I will be like, ya, it is ove... where the time gone?

But, this weekend, somehow, I got about an hour to play with things and was able to make a banner.
I didn't made any interesting things other than that.
The day was cloudy. So taking pictures of the finished scarves for the shop was not an option.

When I checked today, I won the treasury challenge by EtsyBitsy team. That sounds good.
Then, My hair tie was featured on another treasury.
But, I haven't got a sale yet. Hopefully, I will get one soon... since several items got expired on the shop, I needed to renew few items to keep the numbers higher. If I will be listing the last two infinity scarves as well, then I should have 119 items for sure.
Still a lot more to make to reach 200.

Bindu Designs

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Path to success.

I want to say that I am still on the path. By yesterday, I added 107 items to the shop.
Today, I renewed on item which was expired. Also, 3 more bookmarks and 2 more soap savers are awaiting to be photographed.
DH told me use up the yarn I have, but not to buy until I sell an item or request to have the product in a different color.
That casts a little shadow. But, in reality, he is correct. The house hold needs the money to survive. So, I am going to accept that.
So by today morning, I have 108 items on the shop and 4 finished items to be added. guess, that is great progress.
I read the blogs of Wendy Merron ( Bethany Lee ( for inspiration.
Wendy has abook and speaking course to sell, while, Bethany is not selling anything. Bethany Lee says about having goals.
So, here I am having a goal to have 200 items on my shop by November 2012.
I am pretty sure, I can achieve that one.
Bindu Designs