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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Path to success.

I want to say that I am still on the path. By yesterday, I added 107 items to the shop.
Today, I renewed on item which was expired. Also, 3 more bookmarks and 2 more soap savers are awaiting to be photographed.
DH told me use up the yarn I have, but not to buy until I sell an item or request to have the product in a different color.
That casts a little shadow. But, in reality, he is correct. The house hold needs the money to survive. So, I am going to accept that.
So by today morning, I have 108 items on the shop and 4 finished items to be added. guess, that is great progress.
I read the blogs of Wendy Merron ( Bethany Lee ( for inspiration.
Wendy has abook and speaking course to sell, while, Bethany is not selling anything. Bethany Lee says about having goals.
So, here I am having a goal to have 200 items on my shop by November 2012.
I am pretty sure, I can achieve that one.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Positive Thinking: The path

Everybody heard of "law of Attraction", and the "Secret".
I read a lot of books about positive mental attitude and learned many people succeed in life with their attitude.
Even with all the information came to me through books and websites, I was not getting anywhere.
So, I started my journey with this blog.
All I want to achieve is to have 200 items in my Etsy shop and to make a $1000/month income.
While I cannot control my sales on the shop, I can add more items to it.
So, today I added all the soap savers I make yesterday. Then made and added a new one with a new pattern too. So altogether I have 107 items in Bindu Design shop. The views are not great. Just 11 views today.
I tweeted the listings. Making Facebook postings. Not a sale in this week yet. I really needed to keep adding the items.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's Progress

I was pushing myself to finish few soap savers. So finished 2 pink ones in one stretch.
Since it is so dull and dark, I cannot get nicer pictures to add items to the shop.
But, to mark my progress, I took a picture any way.

They are of 31/4 inches wide and 5 inches long. 
I needed to explore using different stitches now, because, it is boring to make in the same way. 
Just feeling a sense of accomplishment with finishing those ones. May be my positive thinking can make me do a bit more today. 
Now, it is lunch time and I need to eat some food. 
Blog, I am glad you are here to listen what I am doing. 
By the way, the work got cancelled too. That is the fate about being a dental assistant. When patients cancel, the dentist cancel the dental assistant. 
But, I think, I am a bit happy about that today. I was feeling reluctant to get out any way.
So, blog, I will give an update later. 

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Started with slipping back

It is Tuesday.
And it is a rainy day in Toronto.
 I will be working in the evening. Is that a positive thing ? It must be.
But, the slipping is, the drenched mood.
The dark days cast cloud on my mind as well. I don't want to get out of bed
But, the chores have to be done, kid has to go to school...
But, after, the morning chores, I went back to the bed and just wasted my time.
My mind was talking, what Etsy, it is not giving you any thing...The talking went on and on...I slipped off to sleep.
Ya, here I am tell everything to the blog and trying to get back on the track.
I am trying to push myself again. I will keep you posted bog.
There is this variegated pink yarn to make a small bag...
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Today's Work

It is great that I finished one soap sliver saver in black and a soap cover in lavender.
I still need to photograph the lavender color one. The black one needed to be edited and uploaded to the Etsy shop.
Still needed to add some wire jewelry to the shop. Think, it can be done before tomorrow. As an effort to get more views, I tweeted two store items. Also, share some links on the Facebook page.
Still not sure, how to keep the communication on the Facebook page.
May be just post the new pictures to the Facebook first????
The positive thinking is motivating me to crochet more things and add items to Bindu Design store. Also, I am reading more blogs and commenting on them.
let us see the new found where the new found thought process will take me.
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