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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Emotion: a mixedimedia WIP

I started it yesterday. The image is not fully out from my mind yet. 
I have to work more on this one. 
 I have more plans for this one.
I will write about the materials used in another post. I am really working with recycled materials and on a low budget. Wish to get nice paints and few better brushes,,,, I dream about having mixed media paper too. 
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recycled art Greeting card

I had the circle greeting blank greeting cards from the Michaels's store. Going to Michaels is like a big treat, because, it is far from where I live. I don't drive either. 

That is not the point. 
I was just organizing some things and saw this Mary Maxim catalogue with nice pictures. The cute pictures inspired me to make a Christmas greeting card.

Of Course, it is mixed media, with crayons, colour pencils and markers. 

The snowman images are very sweet. Everything started with the colored dots on a piece of cardboard. 
That is it for today. 
Also, the journal page I did yesterday is edited and added more to it, after getting the suggestions from Journal 52's Facebook page. I love to make a few more greetings card. 
How you like this one? 
I am in need of more acrylic paints, since i have only Green Orange and Red at home. Should I give myself permission to buy???

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