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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mixed media card with embroidery and crochet

I was playing with cardstock and paint.
Got something not very happy about.
It was almost got abandoned, till the idea of stitching over it come.

 Now the plant and the flower pop up even though it is rainy and cloudy, right?
I added yellow ribbon to give it kind of more attention. 
The card needs a lining inside to cover the stitches though.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Mixed media Monday

I would love to share 3 handmade greeting carda today.

I am not sure I can say mixed media for all of them. I have watercolors on the card in the middle.
The butterflies on 2nd and 3rd cards are crocheted.
 There is one more card with butterfly, which i have to take a picture.
Two of the above cards are added to my etsy shop. Incase you want to buy one to say Hi to someoe you love...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fabric Friday.

I was working with fabric.You know, all the embroidery floss, cutting fabri pieces and stitching it over...
Still it is work in progress. 

I used some markers to colour the fabric. then stitch and stitch and stitch...
Here is the full view
I am learning,  you know. I wanted to practice. Practice can be fun, right?
I want to add some paint on top of it. But, I am not fully happy with the applique.

Talking about colour, how about this one?
It is also fabric. Jersey fabric to say correctly. I used fabric stiffener to make it feel like paper first. It is crisp after drying.  
Do you love the colours?


Monday, September 22, 2014

MixedMedia Monday

Monday mornings are usually quiet. That is the time to get creative. 
Most of the time my hands are getting the itch to do something. I don't know, it is kind of constant nagging of I have to do something.
Let me share with you some ongoing projects.

First a project for the coming christmas:

It is a paper bag. But, it is a mixed media project as well. It look s like this on one side:

Did I mention it is if got christmas?

The back I did some butterflies.

Then I am working on a photo. It is almost finished. 

The last one is a greeting card with heart on it. 

The heart itself is a mixed media work with paint , fabric crochet, embroidery and bead. I will show it closer:
It is not finished yet. You can see the wet paint. 


Friday, September 19, 2014

Mixed Media flower Greeting card for all occasions.

A flower tells a lot more than just words. 
That is why this one is born:
I was getting impatient and took the picture before it is completely dried. 

That is not the point; You need to know how you can make one just like that, right?

I will tell you what I did in step by step.

1. crochet a flower.
2. add the button to the center.
3. Spray some paint on blank greeting card
4. Let the paint dry.
5 Attach the flower to the painted card.
(We can stitch the flower or glue it to the card.)
6. Look and admire your work.
That being said, I want to show you how I made the inside
Added a sheet of cardstock on each side to write a message.

Now, take a few minutes to make a simple flower card. 
If you like to buy mine, visit BinduDesigns on Etsy. I might list it there. 


Monday, September 8, 2014

An embroidery hoop story

People use embroidery hoop to display crocheted doilies, and patterned fabric. 
I have a small hoop for a long time. It is just small one. I used it to embroider on fabric. 
When I started working on mixed media projects, suddenly, it became a photoframe.
My kid's graduation photos were not correctly ordered. so, I don't have a high school graduation photo of her to hand on the wall.  Somehow, I missed the ordering date. 
But, I have the package they(The studio which took all kids' pics) send me to choose the pictures from. 
I worked with some left over fabric from another project. Cut a sample photo from the order form and:

Everything stitched except the acrylic blings. They are just hot glued to the pic. Any questions? Ask me through comments.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A mixed media wall hanging

"Earth Laughs in Flower" Emerson said that. I found it here

The piece is finished only today. The dark blue flower is from vintage denim. The other flowers are from patterned paper.
The denim flower was cut using a petal template. 

I draw and cut it from regular printer paper. I cut 5 petals from the denim and arranged them to form  a flower.

Then pinned and stitched it to the white cotton fabric. 
The paper flowers were cut from patterned paper and sed the button on top of it to affix to the background.  

The quote is stitched with basic embroidery stitch. 
The stem is also stitched using the same stitch. A loop was stitched on the white fabric and inserted a tree brach inside to keep it straight. The loop in the middle for hanging is made with embroidery floss. 
I want to add bead edging to the bottom. I used watercolors on the paper flower to give it more life. 
It feels done right now. 
If you like to get this one, please ask me. I might sell it or might do a giveaway. 


Thursday, September 4, 2014

I feel alive: Mixed Media Work

I feel alive:
 when there are  the flowers in  the open
 When the trees are happy
 When the birds are chirping
 When the sad purs under my feet
 when clouds swim in the sky
 when there are colours to view
 when my hands can create
 when my mind feels no borders

Alive: MixedMedia on paper

Items used:
Mixed media paper
Kitchen towel
acrylic paint.
Fiber paste
Dried tea from used tea bag
Acrylic sealer

Shared this on Art colony

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chocolate to MixedMedia project

Someone visited my home. She gave me a box of chocolates. 
The chocolates were enjoyed by my daughters friends. But, I got the box back because I asked to get it back.

There is a tray inside the box that was holding the chocolates. 

I should have taken the photo before cutting them out. But you can imagine how it looked, right?
Now, instead of throwing it out, I wanted to do something with it. You know the feelings? It is something, but you can't figure out what it is. Still in your head you know you can make something with it, but don't know what. The tray was sitting in the den for over two weeks. So, start to look on it. Right up, then upside down...

While surfing on the net, I came across this quote by Maya Angelou: "We come from creator with creativity". I wanted to make something with that quote.

 Remember how I get into mood for art? I have some background papers made when getting into the mood before. 
I cut the  chocolate tray to fit on the paper and the way I wanted. 
The regular glue was not working. so used the glue gun to attach the pieces to paper. 
I needed to improve my photographic skills. The actual work looks much better than the above photo. 
The love from the universe and the divine guidance or intuition are the ones guiding me to make the art. That is the essence I was trying to create. 
{You can say, my south Indian background influenced in creating that guidance in this one. 
You know, many  of the Hindu gods have more hands and heads  than a regular human being?}

Friday, July 11, 2014

Story of the tree: Mixed media project

The tree just came to me. 
What the tree wants? 
Tree wants a lot of sunshine, a lot of green leaves and give a lot of shade. The tree want to have flowers. It also want to live peacefully with the plants around it. It don't mind staying in one place and feeling the surroundings without seeing it. 
It didn't talk to me much. It was not seeing me. I felt like the tree is meditating.When I try to meditate, thoughts comes one after another. I felt the tree is trying hard to empty its mind. I felt the unrelated thought pieces wandering through it's mind. 

The Process

I used mixed media paper and started with Gesso. Used first layer as light blue, mixed with white to make it even lighter. Over that I painted watered down beige.
Pasted a piece of leftover patterned paper using fiber paste. 
I didn't make much texture . Just a crocheted sun.
I used the stamp made from foam sheet on the tree to give it some texture. 
How do you like the tree? I hope, the tree can stay there without being afraid of getting cut down by humans.  

Bindu Designs

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Art of Layers: My review of the book.

I got this book, "Art of Layers" from the Toronto Public Library. The author Ronda Palazzari is says she loves all kinds of crafts. 
A look inside the book will reveal her interest and love for crafting. She stitch on paper. She makes flower from ribbons. She use all those handcrafted things in scrapbooking to create memories and to decorate her home. 
It is fun to browse through the pages. I like the idea of stitched journaling. She loves using backstitching on her layered projects. That gives the neat look on the backside of the work too. I used to ignore the back side. Now, that is a point to remember. 
I have the idea of making ruched flower before. But, never thought of using that in mixed media projects. 
She made banners with stickers. Her "graduation cake", a cake made from styrofoam with banner on it is a great idea.  Palazzari described her techniques with a lot of pictures. 
She has a lot of products to make her art and craft, which I cannot get. But, with some substitutes and my own ideas, I can use some of her techniques to enhance my pieces. 
This book is good to read and take some mental notes. The book is an eye candy with lot of projects and pictures. Yet, I am not going to buy a copy for myself. For me, this is a book to read for one time. Then use techniques when needed. I don't want it as a reference book.
Ronda Palazzari has a blog on Typepad, where she talks about her projects. She also runs workshops. To learn more about Palazzari, you can visit her website .

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trying collage on Index card

I wanted to try my hands on collage making. 
There are some magazines, which needed to be recycled too. I am not ready to commit on a large project. So, I chose an index card. 
I wanted to try triangle shapes . 
With a glue stick and cut down triangles from magazine pages, I am ready . The triangles are chosen for their textures. A wooden cutting board, an avocado, a bowl of pasta...Textures are everywhere. Then combined with some painted papers from my stash, I got this one:
It is fun and easy. This can be used in some other mixed media projects, I guess. I am not sure is there any theories for making collage. This is pretty basic, i am thinking. 
May be I can add a focal image on this one to give it some more importance. 
Any suggestions for collage making? I appreciate all kind of suggestions. That is how I learn more. So, please help me with your suggestions.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When there is no inspiration for art...

It is canada day again! Rain in the mid morning was not that annoying. Actually it was just fun to watch and listen the sound of rain.There is something in the sound of rain. It was just a pleasant rain. Not angry rain. 
The rain didn't make me interested in making more art. So, in the afternoon, I decided to just use some paint. It wasn't big fun. Yet, I created a background page on the journal.

The left page seems like a background right? The right one looks like a kid played with paint. It tells you about my dry mood to do art.
Then, the odd thing from my mystery box was asking me to make some texture. Since the lavender paint is not making any ideas, I choose pink and an index card. 
Now, that is something nice.It can be used later. 
 Now, I have this idea to make a greeting card. So, picked up a blank card and added some sort of paper edging. Then I dipped the  brush in black acrylic paint to write.
That is not finished yet. I left the card for drying. It needs some glitter and some color, don't you think?

 Happy Canada Day!

Share for fun

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Curiosity: A mixed Media work

Many of my mixed media trials were done on watercolor paper and just cardboards. I got bended/bulked pieces when things are dried. 
Then I came to know that, there is this paper called 'Mixed Media Paper". The nearest art and craft store where I can get those is DeSerres.
My hubby was in a good mood last week to take me there.(Usually after work, he don't like to go shopping) I got Gesso and multimedia paper from there. The funny thing is, I wanted to look around shop and he wanted to go home right after getting the necessary things. (Do you take husband to do window shopping with you in craft store?). All of a sudden, the thunderstorm started and we were really stuck in the store for about 20 minutes. He watched rain, and walked around the store.

I was scared to do something on my precious Mixedmedia paper... You know the feeling of what if I ruined it...Anyway, I got enough courage to work on it. I used the DIY foam stamps that I showed here, on that one. 

A piece of hand embroidered fabric is also used in this one. Above the eyes, I used the punched out foam dots to make the blue hair. I call it "Curiosity". I was feeling like a child peeking through the curtains to see what is going on outside. The white thick lines are created with homemade fiber paste. I used Kelly's recipe to make it.  You can see recipes for Molding paste and chalk paint also on that page. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What am I reading?

I want to tell you that I am reading "Mixed-Media Master Class with Sherrill Kahn"

The cover is eye catching. So, I looked inside. For a beginner in Mixed-Media, I am trying to learn as much as I can.
If you are like me, this book has a lot of information. Many techniques are explained step by step to make great backgrounds.
I am pretty sure, you may have your own unique ideas to make backgrounds. I am very interested in  keeping the spending a minimum while learning things.
I borrowed this from the Toronto Public Library. If I am going to do more mixed media, I might buy my own copy later.
I really want to incorporate fabric in my work. This book shows how to do that.
I am happy with the book as it is. Yet, I just wish to view more of her finished works in the book.
Which is your favourite book about Mixed-media?

 Bindu Designs

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mixed Media Greeting card

Haven't you keep a lot of blank cards to make handmade cards?
I keep few in my stash all the tim. 
sometimes, you get them on a bargain price, like these ones:

 In the cover they looked so lovely. I loved the prints.They came in a pretty box with a memo pad with same prints and a set of index cards. It was in my stash for months now. 
This year, I am going to give handmade greeting cards for Christmas. That is going to be fun.
I am also trying to learn few hand embroidery stitches. So, combining fabric, paper, thread... 
I am not sure it can be called mixed media greetings card, because, I didn't add any paint on it. 
The embroidery stitch is called interlaced running stitch. 
Should it needs some sequins? or beads? Or just leave it as it is...
What you think? Any suggestion is helpful.
Bindu Designs

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Index card : first trial

You have seen many people are doing Index Card a Day project.
Index cards are not great paper to hold mixed media art work.
Index cards are small and budget friendly. So, i need to give a try.
My index cards are ruled ones. But, the opposite side is blank. Aha! I can do with that..So, my briglhty bright Crayola pip Squeaks washable markers get to work. ( FYI: I am not paid by them)

My lovely niece gave me a beaded necklace to upcycle. I used the beads to stitch around the card.

The drawing was inspired by the Rosebank Park, in the beginning of the spring. (Which was not mowed and full of wild blooms and green grass).
The card can withstand the stitching. The markers are great on it. Guess, I will try few more without being scared of ruining anything expensive.
Do work similar small scale projects?
Bindu Designs

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heart on a card: A simple mixed media project

 When I wake up in the morning, I felt pain on my shoulders. There is pain on my neck. It is hard to turn, it is hard to do stuff with hands. Today is a working out day too. Did I ever mentioned that I am a dental assistant? I want to work today and hope and hope to work whole day. ( Because, I need that money to buy my paper, paint, threads and ... you know the stuff?)

So, todays creative work is small. Actually I started it yesterday.
The heart is cut from denim. To keep the threads from fraying out, I used clear nail polish on the edges.
A white line of beads were stitched on the heart. 

I had this patterned paper book as a Christmas gift from last year. Cut a circle with scissors. (How I wish to have circle punches...)

The white blank card is from Michaels. (The store is far from where I live and I need my hubby  to  take me there. So going to Michaels is kind of a big treat)

I draw around the circle with crayola marker. I forgot to mention that I used some pink nail polish (Sally Hansen) on the heart to give that pinkish shade on the edges.  I loved making it. 
Guess, it needs a little more bling to give that finished look. 
May be I will play with it later tonight.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A quick greeting card

Just got an idea and had to test it out:

Thanks Card: How it is made 

The blank card is from Michaels I believe. 
Cut a circle from styrofoam tray. Punched holes with a steel crochet hook.
Went around the disc with embroidery floss. 
Draw with Sharpie marker
Glued on the card.
What went wrong

The drawing is more to the left of the disc. 
Could have used more color. The floss must be more thicker. 
I could have used yarn.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Another mixed media Work in Progress

When I started I was thinking of following my heart.
So, that is what I start with
I stitched on a piece of cloth. 
Added some acrylic paint on it.
Now, it is not going to be fast because, the paint need to dry. Then I need to add more pint and some other things. 
Embroidery kind of disappeared with paint. So added the dimensional fabric paint along the stitched letters. It is my handdrawn words. It is not the way I was thinking it going to be. So, the "following" needs more tweeking. After two hours gone by, I need to stop and get back to chores now.

I am in need of more colour... Flowers? leaved? Geometric shapes???? Or just leave it like that?????
What you think? I can't figure out now.
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