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Monday, October 6, 2014

Mixed media Monday

I would love to share 3 handmade greeting carda today.

I am not sure I can say mixed media for all of them. I have watercolors on the card in the middle.
The butterflies on 2nd and 3rd cards are crocheted.
 There is one more card with butterfly, which i have to take a picture.
Two of the above cards are added to my etsy shop. Incase you want to buy one to say Hi to someoe you love...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mixed Media flower Greeting card for all occasions.

A flower tells a lot more than just words. 
That is why this one is born:
I was getting impatient and took the picture before it is completely dried. 

That is not the point; You need to know how you can make one just like that, right?

I will tell you what I did in step by step.

1. crochet a flower.
2. add the button to the center.
3. Spray some paint on blank greeting card
4. Let the paint dry.
5 Attach the flower to the painted card.
(We can stitch the flower or glue it to the card.)
6. Look and admire your work.
That being said, I want to show you how I made the inside
Added a sheet of cardstock on each side to write a message.

Now, take a few minutes to make a simple flower card. 
If you like to buy mine, visit BinduDesigns on Etsy. I might list it there. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Mixed Media heart greeting cards

Heart is an easy shape to draw. Easy to cut and can be used with so many ideas.
So, here is a blank greeting card , to be used in any kind of situation.

I cut a denim heart,and a patterned fabric heart. I used "Heat N Bond" to join them.
The "L" frame is from patterned paper.
If you like to make one:
Step i. Cut a fabric heart.
Step 2: place the fabric heart on top of the denim and draw a heart slightly larger than your fabric heart.
Step 3. Place Heat N Bond between the two hearts and iron them to fuse together.
step4:Glue the heart to the center of the blank card.
Ste5: cut some patterned paper to make a border (optional)

If you are making one, share it on G+ with me.

Incase you don't have time to make one, but would like to get one,  just head over to my Etsy shop to buy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recycled art Greeting card

I had the circle greeting blank greeting cards from the Michaels's store. Going to Michaels is like a big treat, because, it is far from where I live. I don't drive either. 

That is not the point. 
I was just organizing some things and saw this Mary Maxim catalogue with nice pictures. The cute pictures inspired me to make a Christmas greeting card.

Of Course, it is mixed media, with crayons, colour pencils and markers. 

The snowman images are very sweet. Everything started with the colored dots on a piece of cardboard. 
That is it for today. 
Also, the journal page I did yesterday is edited and added more to it, after getting the suggestions from Journal 52's Facebook page. I love to make a few more greetings card. 
How you like this one? 
I am in need of more acrylic paints, since i have only Green Orange and Red at home. Should I give myself permission to buy???

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