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Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of February

 Today is February 28. Two months in the new year...
Now it is easy to remember it is 2013.
The winter is almost over. February saw nice winter storms...Yesterday was supposed to be a stormy day. But, we got a lot of wet snow. Travelling by bus and walking was not easy yesterday.
today morning, I took few pictures

Now, the snow started melting a bit. 
February was not bad for me. Now I have 220 "likes" on Facebook page. 
My pictures are getting better, becasue, I am reading about product photography. February also made me think about goals and helped to set measurable goals
Now the shop has active 95 listings, which I am trying to improve.
So, what March is going to teach me? 

Bindu Designs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's Progress and positivity.

Tuesday is finishing. I did make a skinny scarf. Changed the pattern for the soap saver bag and made one using lavender yarn.
So, even tough, it started with negative self talking, I was able to keep on the goal. Made a few things, and they are ready to be photographed and added to Etsy shop.
My Facebook page, has 113 fans. Also, got one more twitter follower. Thinking of all that, the day is a success.
The positive attitude is keeping me up. Read some craft blogs and left comments for the interesting ones.
So far, a good day,
Bindu Designs