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Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY Stamps for Mixed-media art

Many mixed media artists are using stamps to add texture in their work.
 The other day, I went to Deserres, I saw many pretty ones. The  ones I like (kind of patterns big enough to go on my work) were expensive to me. 
 So, I was thinking of making something to add textures. Yes, I tried to cut flower shapes and added them before. 
Then, I found these foam sheets in my stash. Then I felt like I wanted to try something.
So, I draw  simple spirals on the foam with a blunt pencil. (I tried a knitting needle, but it was too sharp.) 

I used a paper punch to make holes on another sheet. I folded the sheet to punch circles all over it.
I tested them on the new piece I am working on.

Can you see the spirals on brown colour? The purple dots are made with my punched foam sheet. 
I am waiting for the paint to dry completely to take another photo. 
Since the DIY ones are unique and the pattern ideas are endless, I think, can try making more.
Do you make your own stamps and stencils? How you make them? 

 Bindu Designs

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A 3D wall Art DIY with a recycled box

I always look things which I can make myself. My talents are limited. I can crochet, I can make my own jewelry, and I can play with paints ( but, I cannot make a great painting or anything like that...)

The bog Once Upon a dream aka Craft a doodle doo has ton of ideas, which I can try with my limited budget.
On Nash's blog, I stumbled on this awesome 3D wall art idea.

She is very creative and crafty. I decided to copy her idea and to work on my project.
I was given an Elizabeth Arden gift box for Mother's Day. The box itself is very pretty. So, I kept the box to do something with it. But, didn't have an idea...
I do have a lot of crochet flowers from my Etsy days. Decided to use few of them. 
The markers and the patterned paper..few beads... some glue... (My Glue Gun needs more Glue sticks and I have to wait to purchase anything..Ya, too bad.. Oh, cmon.. I have some tacky glue which can stick the beads...So, I used that  liquid glue for this project)
 The project on my working table aka the foldable Ikea dining table.

I wrote the words using sharpies. (No, I am not paid by the Sharpie company). I used a red color pencil on top of the mesh onion bag to get the texture. The craft scissors gave the wavy cuts.  The words are separated by sticker bindi's I bought from India. 

The plants are hand drawn using markers. Some sticky 3d acrylic embellishments are prettying my plants. 

The butterfly is crocheted using a pattern from Crochet Today Mag, I believe. (FYI, they are not paying to put their name too).

Crochet flowers are my made with my ideas in the past.I glued the patterned paper with all my embellishments on the inside of the box.

 I am loving it. Thanks to Nash and Craft a Doodle Doo.
I put on the dressing table near to my jewelry.

I am still looking on my finished project and enjoying it. 
Do you like my Box art?

Bindu Designs