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Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of February

 Today is February 28. Two months in the new year...
Now it is easy to remember it is 2013.
The winter is almost over. February saw nice winter storms...Yesterday was supposed to be a stormy day. But, we got a lot of wet snow. Travelling by bus and walking was not easy yesterday.
today morning, I took few pictures

Now, the snow started melting a bit. 
February was not bad for me. Now I have 220 "likes" on Facebook page. 
My pictures are getting better, becasue, I am reading about product photography. February also made me think about goals and helped to set measurable goals
Now the shop has active 95 listings, which I am trying to improve.
So, what March is going to teach me? 

Bindu Designs

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trying to make both ends meet...

I am still adding more to the shop.
There are 160 items now.
The month is just slow still...
I said in the title, I am trying to make both ends meet. That is right. It is sad, the work is not paying off...
Just feel that I am a bit off balanced....
Hubby called from work place to tell me about the lay offs happening at their company. Then he told me bad news that  the remaining staff has to take a pay cut for next 3 months.
That is making me scared. Here I am trying to make my Etsy shop a success, depending on his income.
Now that is also going to be reduced.
Thinking of it, I am not sure where to cut the expenses, because, it is already been so tight and we are keeping the scare to ourselves.
So, if there is no more sales, I am not buying anymore raw materials for crafting.
Whatever comes to the store is going back to the store itself.
May be I will do more marketing and less making, may be..
I added this today though. That is making me glad.

The flowers are added with a button. Then I stitched the flowers to the cap to secure them enough. The white flowers of the green cap make it very adorable. 

That bracelet will sure go with the cap. Right now, there is one scarf also, in the shop, to make it a complete set.

Now, that is a great set. When i put all of them together, my mood is getting better.
So, to keep up with the things, I really need to have the positive thinking. When you look on nice things, the mental self depreciating talk will getting slower. 

Bindu Designs

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Path to Success on Etsy

I was having a BIG headache yesterday. It still continues today too. But, I am working on a new infinity scarf It is a very soft grey. One of the Crochet teams on Etsy mentioned Grey being the favorite crochet color.
The yarn is very soft to touch. That is why I bought it. To give the scarf some personality, I think, I needed to add a bit of color.
Getting back links to the store is very critical for the success of online shop. So, I got this advice to add links to the shop on my blog.
In a way to help my fellow Etsy sellers, i will be adding some interviews on Bindu Blogs too. the fist is with the shop, A Word Fitly spoken.
I made a new treasury yesterday though. The clicking team gave it a lot of clicking. I tweeted and Facebooked it. So the Brown treasury got a lot of views.
Bindu Designs

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Path to success on Etsy.

I have 138 items on Bindu Designs shop. The views are over 100 now a days. The sales are not hitting though.

Before complaining too much about  the sales. let me write down the dream projects.
I love to make another scarf, using granny stitches in stripes. That is a work in progress right now.
The next idea is to make few stockings to give away as gifts.
The next one is to have few nice caps with brims or earflaps and cute applique on them.
Then, I saw a picture of a crochet mannequin head. there is a pattern available too. When I get next order, I am going to buy that pattern.
The Facebook is getting 150 likes. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

For advertising, I need to do some thing. That is the next most important thing on my shop's path to success.

Bindu Designs