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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Art of Layers: My review of the book.

I got this book, "Art of Layers" from the Toronto Public Library. The author Ronda Palazzari is says she loves all kinds of crafts. 
A look inside the book will reveal her interest and love for crafting. She stitch on paper. She makes flower from ribbons. She use all those handcrafted things in scrapbooking to create memories and to decorate her home. 
It is fun to browse through the pages. I like the idea of stitched journaling. She loves using backstitching on her layered projects. That gives the neat look on the backside of the work too. I used to ignore the back side. Now, that is a point to remember. 
I have the idea of making ruched flower before. But, never thought of using that in mixed media projects. 
She made banners with stickers. Her "graduation cake", a cake made from styrofoam with banner on it is a great idea.  Palazzari described her techniques with a lot of pictures. 
She has a lot of products to make her art and craft, which I cannot get. But, with some substitutes and my own ideas, I can use some of her techniques to enhance my pieces. 
This book is good to read and take some mental notes. The book is an eye candy with lot of projects and pictures. Yet, I am not going to buy a copy for myself. For me, this is a book to read for one time. Then use techniques when needed. I don't want it as a reference book.
Ronda Palazzari has a blog on Typepad, where she talks about her projects. She also runs workshops. To learn more about Palazzari, you can visit her website .

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