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Monday, September 15, 2014

Love What You Do: Mixed media wall hanging

Do you all love what you do ?I can tell you, I love what I do most of the time.
I am trying to make it a mixed media wall hanging.

It is not finished yet. Needs more of that finishing touches.  It took a lot of time to be the above stage. Oh, I loved every minute of working on it. 

first of all I started with paint. 

It was a blast. I had to wait for it to dry. 

Then I started doing running stitches. Watching TV and doing running stitch was just very pleasing. I even forget to eat in time. Want to see the stitches a bit closely? 

The text I printed out, and cut it out .
Remember the other wall hanging I made for my daughter?

I used the same words. But printed and cut out in different order to make this one. 

I didn't stitched it. But, just used mod podge to paste it on to the fabric. 
It needs a loop to go on the wall. Now, are you getting inspirations to make a mixed media art? 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

A mixed media wall hanging

"Earth Laughs in Flower" Emerson said that. I found it here

The piece is finished only today. The dark blue flower is from vintage denim. The other flowers are from patterned paper.
The denim flower was cut using a petal template. 

I draw and cut it from regular printer paper. I cut 5 petals from the denim and arranged them to form  a flower.

Then pinned and stitched it to the white cotton fabric. 
The paper flowers were cut from patterned paper and sed the button on top of it to affix to the background.  

The quote is stitched with basic embroidery stitch. 
The stem is also stitched using the same stitch. A loop was stitched on the white fabric and inserted a tree brach inside to keep it straight. The loop in the middle for hanging is made with embroidery floss. 
I want to add bead edging to the bottom. I used watercolors on the paper flower to give it more life. 
It feels done right now. 
If you like to get this one, please ask me. I might sell it or might do a giveaway. 


Monday, September 1, 2014

Very Crafty day projects and a Mixed Media Art

Last week was a lot of work... Did I tell you my daughter is starting college this year? We dropped her off at the dorm this weekend. Finally, me too an empty nester.
It is kind of bittersweet experience. I am missing her and I am happy she is going to study more. You know what I mean? 

Back to blogging:
A set of beads were waiting for some kind of inspiration. Pink ribbon, and clear beads: Just a project for the BinduDesigns Blog. Not a mixed media work though.
I feel like playing with colours after organizing my storage room. 
So, picked up this old project , (you can see the last picture there). 

Worked on that, and added more colour:
When I just close the eye, I can see this bright circles... I kind of made that in this mixed media project. I used fabric paste, acrylic paints, and water color to get it done. It still needs my signature crochet piece. Used few stencils (made by me) to create the background. 
Sometimes, when I feel like it, I have to go on making. That is why the washclothes got some paint on them.
I have a butterfly stencil:

I put the washcloth out and stamped butterfly on it. Nothing fancy, just experimenting. Used craft acrylic paint for that.
Thinking, to stitch on top of it...
It will be interesting, right? 
 I did an upcycle project too. You guess it, it is mixed media project. The show and tell will be another day. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chocolate to MixedMedia project

Someone visited my home. She gave me a box of chocolates. 
The chocolates were enjoyed by my daughters friends. But, I got the box back because I asked to get it back.

There is a tray inside the box that was holding the chocolates. 

I should have taken the photo before cutting them out. But you can imagine how it looked, right?
Now, instead of throwing it out, I wanted to do something with it. You know the feelings? It is something, but you can't figure out what it is. Still in your head you know you can make something with it, but don't know what. The tray was sitting in the den for over two weeks. So, start to look on it. Right up, then upside down...

While surfing on the net, I came across this quote by Maya Angelou: "We come from creator with creativity". I wanted to make something with that quote.

 Remember how I get into mood for art? I have some background papers made when getting into the mood before. 
I cut the  chocolate tray to fit on the paper and the way I wanted. 
The regular glue was not working. so used the glue gun to attach the pieces to paper. 
I needed to improve my photographic skills. The actual work looks much better than the above photo. 
The love from the universe and the divine guidance or intuition are the ones guiding me to make the art. That is the essence I was trying to create. 
{You can say, my south Indian background influenced in creating that guidance in this one. 
You know, many  of the Hindu gods have more hands and heads  than a regular human being?}

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to get in the mood to make art?

For most of the days I don't wake up feeling like a clear idea of what type of art to make during the day. So, after the morning chores, I will start by reading other blogs, checking my email and stuff like that. 
Then, I will bring my supplies out to my desk.
My workspace is an Ikea foldable dining table. I bought a vinyl tablecloth to cover it while making art aka mess. Then i place a bristol board on top of it as an added precaution. 
Usually the first thing is applying gesso to one or two sheets of paper. Once that is done, it will be left to dry.
Now, I can move on to the journal or a gessoed paper to make background. 
While making the background,sometimes, an idea will strike. Usually, I will feel like adding something on the page like beads or threads or text torn from books. I will wander around to bring more things to the table. Sometimes, I will go to work on making an easy foam stamp or finding things to make texture.
Making the things move and giving the freedom to sidetrack works sometimes. 
Before hubby comes home from work, the things has to be cleaned and the table has to be folded. 
How you get the mood to make art? Any particular tips? 

Bindu Designs
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mixed Media on Card Board.

I wanted to do something... anything, with the box, the crackers came in.
So, I cut it to the size of a printer paper. That is the size of the photo frames I have.
I have done it before.  The Dark Emotions, do you remember that one?
But, the cardboard got bulked with all the wet paints.
So, I was bit reluctant to try again... But, it is just an experiment, right?
i searched on the net to see how others did it. Got this video

Like in the video, I added two layers of newspaper to the cardboard. When I was adding more layers, the paper layer happened to rip a bit. So, I had to add bits of paper on it again. 
I am happy with the background:
For the focal point, I added picture of a cat. I cut it out from a calendar. Added little bit of paint here and there, it looks like done.
So here, is my Mixed Media Cat:

Before the piece got completely dried, I put it under a stack of heavy books. So, it is not bended like the "Dark Emotions".

PS: I made fiber paste and used it in this piece too. 
Bindu Designs
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Emotion: a mixedimedia WIP

I started it yesterday. The image is not fully out from my mind yet. 
I have to work more on this one. 
 I have more plans for this one.
I will write about the materials used in another post. I am really working with recycled materials and on a low budget. Wish to get nice paints and few better brushes,,,, I dream about having mixed media paper too. 
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