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Monday, September 22, 2014

MixedMedia Monday

Monday mornings are usually quiet. That is the time to get creative. 
Most of the time my hands are getting the itch to do something. I don't know, it is kind of constant nagging of I have to do something.
Let me share with you some ongoing projects.

First a project for the coming christmas:

It is a paper bag. But, it is a mixed media project as well. It look s like this on one side:

Did I mention it is if got christmas?

The back I did some butterflies.

Then I am working on a photo. It is almost finished. 

The last one is a greeting card with heart on it. 

The heart itself is a mixed media work with paint , fabric crochet, embroidery and bead. I will show it closer:
It is not finished yet. You can see the wet paint. 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

A mixed media wall hanging

"Earth Laughs in Flower" Emerson said that. I found it here

The piece is finished only today. The dark blue flower is from vintage denim. The other flowers are from patterned paper.
The denim flower was cut using a petal template. 

I draw and cut it from regular printer paper. I cut 5 petals from the denim and arranged them to form  a flower.

Then pinned and stitched it to the white cotton fabric. 
The paper flowers were cut from patterned paper and sed the button on top of it to affix to the background.  

The quote is stitched with basic embroidery stitch. 
The stem is also stitched using the same stitch. A loop was stitched on the white fabric and inserted a tree brach inside to keep it straight. The loop in the middle for hanging is made with embroidery floss. 
I want to add bead edging to the bottom. I used watercolors on the paper flower to give it more life. 
It feels done right now. 
If you like to get this one, please ask me. I might sell it or might do a giveaway.