Friday, February 5, 2016

The storm hit

I said life has to go on. But, then the storm hit....
The storm was bad and hard. 
My husband lost his job when his company closed in middle of January 2016, due to lack of cash.

We were shocked... Then I cried. Then decided... Life has to go on...
You know it right?
The next thing is to be financially free. 
I work 3 part time jobs. They are just above minimum wage. Precisely they are dental assistant jobs.

Hubby got the ROE and applied for Employment Insurance.
Did you know there is a waiting period of two weeks to receive the EI benefits?

Our life was not luxurious before. So it is tougher after the job loss.
We are on a spending cut now. No buying other than grocery and gas.
Hubby is applying for jobs. No calls yet. These things will take time... we are told.

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