Monday, September 22, 2014

Why I added and removed Traffic generation cafe from Blogroll

I like the articles on Traffic generation cafe.
So I added it to my blogroll as you might have noticed. You might have heard of Anna Hoffman and her wonderful techniques for generating traffic, to blogs.
Then, according to Hoffman, if we add a link to another blog, it is a courtesy to let the owner know, we added them.
Since my blog is not about blogging, Anna Hoffman thinks, it might hurt the traffic to her website. It can hurt mine as well, she said in her reply.
I wanted to keep Traffic generation cafe on my blogroll as an easy link for me to visit her site.
Since she asked me to take it off, I am removing it from my blog.
A great expert like Hoffman says something, we have to listen right?
Have you ever added a link to another blog and had to remove it because the owner doesn't like it?