Monday, September 29, 2014

Mixed media Monday

I have a sewing machine. It is a basic Singer machine. I was trying to make it work and gave up because of many problems. Recently my husband's cousin repaired it. After that it kind of working for me. 
That does not mean I can sew garments. Now, I am trying to use it for my mixed media work. You know, sewing with hand takes a lot of time. 
After spending much time on hand embroidering on a piece, I decided to try using the machine. 

That one was a collage on index card. I stitched it to the cloth piece. 
Added a piece of cotton fabric I painted using washable markers. 
It feels not balanced yet. The embroidery is looking good, don't you all agree?

I added a new card to my Etsy shop yesterday. 
I am working on a journal page using the ephemera received last week.  

 The baby picture and the quote  from +JackieP Neal . The middle is a painted cotton fabric. The heart I cut from cloth and used some purple acrylic to stain it. 

Added some more paint. The baby picture has a special meaning to me.


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