Monday, September 8, 2014

An embroidery hoop story

People use embroidery hoop to display crocheted doilies, and patterned fabric. 
I have a small hoop for a long time. It is just small one. I used it to embroider on fabric. 
When I started working on mixed media projects, suddenly, it became a photoframe.
My kid's graduation photos were not correctly ordered. so, I don't have a high school graduation photo of her to hand on the wall.  Somehow, I missed the ordering date. 
But, I have the package they(The studio which took all kids' pics) send me to choose the pictures from. 
I worked with some left over fabric from another project. Cut a sample photo from the order form and:

Everything stitched except the acrylic blings. They are just hot glued to the pic. Any questions? Ask me through comments.