Thursday, September 18, 2014

A fabric greeting card for all occasions.

Blank greetings cards and denim...
The inspiration is to make a flower.
So cut few circles of different diameters from denim, added a bead to center Voila:

I added acrylic paint to the flower. Do you like to recycle old denim?  A fabric flower is a great way. Make a flower, glue it to a blank card, and you got a greeting card. it is that easy.

First of all, cut 4 circles of different diameters. Not difficult, because, you have many circle objects around the hose to use as template.
Then cut them out.
I stitched them together with a bead in the center.
I cut slits on each of the circle and fluffed it out.
I used some acrylic paint to give the flowers a bit of pink.
Cut a piece of patterned paper and stitched flower on it.
Now, glue the baby to the pre cut card.
Is it easy?

If you don't have the time to make it, but like to buy, come on over to my Etsy shop, I is available there.
Do you think, you can do anything else with this type of flower? Share them on comments. Love your comments.
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