Monday, August 11, 2014

Stitch, cloth, paper: A mixed media project

The 100% cotton cloths were picked up because the price was great. I got 3 pieces of the same size. 

We all do that right? find something and tuck it away to be used in a project. 

Since my daughter is going to college this September, there are tons of university flyers in her room. One glossy paper with "Do What You Love" was asking me to pick it up.
You know that feeling, you need to do something with a found paper?
The cotton cloth and the glossy paper : Placed paper on the cloth, then the embroidery floss wanted to join the party.

We all loved the look now. So I told my daughter, I can make a wall hanging for her to take to the dorm. She wanted to have it. 
"Zekra" is something she likes to add. She told me in Arabic, it means memory.
 Since she loves music, I asked her to draw her favourite notes.I stitched the music notes on top.  to give balance, I used black thread to stitch the notes. 

It needs a rod to go through the top, which I haven't found yet. 

The idea is to find a branch and to stitch or glue it to the top. Then I can add a looped yarn or string for hanging.