Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When there is no inspiration for art...

It is canada day again! Rain in the mid morning was not that annoying. Actually it was just fun to watch and listen the sound of rain.There is something in the sound of rain. It was just a pleasant rain. Not angry rain. 
The rain didn't make me interested in making more art. So, in the afternoon, I decided to just use some paint. It wasn't big fun. Yet, I created a background page on the journal.

The left page seems like a background right? The right one looks like a kid played with paint. It tells you about my dry mood to do art.
Then, the odd thing from my mystery box was asking me to make some texture. Since the lavender paint is not making any ideas, I choose pink and an index card. 
Now, that is something nice.It can be used later. 
 Now, I have this idea to make a greeting card. So, picked up a blank card and added some sort of paper edging. Then I dipped the  brush in black acrylic paint to write.
That is not finished yet. I left the card for drying. It needs some glitter and some color, don't you think?

 Happy Canada Day!

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