Friday, July 11, 2014

Story of the tree: Mixed media project

The tree just came to me. 
What the tree wants? 
Tree wants a lot of sunshine, a lot of green leaves and give a lot of shade. The tree want to have flowers. It also want to live peacefully with the plants around it. It don't mind staying in one place and feeling the surroundings without seeing it. 
It didn't talk to me much. It was not seeing me. I felt like the tree is meditating.When I try to meditate, thoughts comes one after another. I felt the tree is trying hard to empty its mind. I felt the unrelated thought pieces wandering through it's mind. 

The Process

I used mixed media paper and started with Gesso. Used first layer as light blue, mixed with white to make it even lighter. Over that I painted watered down beige.
Pasted a piece of leftover patterned paper using fiber paste. 
I didn't make much texture . Just a crocheted sun.
I used the stamp made from foam sheet on the tree to give it some texture. 
How do you like the tree? I hope, the tree can stay there without being afraid of getting cut down by humans.  

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