Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Index card : first trial

You have seen many people are doing Index Card a Day project.
Index cards are not great paper to hold mixed media art work.
Index cards are small and budget friendly. So, i need to give a try.
My index cards are ruled ones. But, the opposite side is blank. Aha! I can do with that..So, my briglhty bright Crayola pip Squeaks washable markers get to work. ( FYI: I am not paid by them)

My lovely niece gave me a beaded necklace to upcycle. I used the beads to stitch around the card.

The drawing was inspired by the Rosebank Park, in the beginning of the spring. (Which was not mowed and full of wild blooms and green grass).
The card can withstand the stitching. The markers are great on it. Guess, I will try few more without being scared of ruining anything expensive.
Do work similar small scale projects?
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