Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY texture making for Mixed Media Back grounds

It is fun to experiment with foam sheets. Remember the last post?  Today, it is fun time again.
So I made two more simple designs.

 The first one is made by pressing the top of a marker. Then I draw with pencil on top of it to make the marks more clear. The second one is hand drawn with pencil. I tried it on printed paper already. You can see they are used and pint is still on them.
I stamped the foam sheets with different colours on the paper. It is just printed paper, which is served it's purpose already. So, by printing with foam sheets, I am recycling (upcycling) them for my art work.
There is one more I have made today. I cut the sheet with  paper scissors in wave pattern. Then glued them on a piece of cardstock. I haven't tried it yet. 
 I would like to experiment with ordinary plastic buttons next.. You know, the type usually on the dress shirts? What other things you think/know to be used in Mixed Media to make texture
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