Thursday, November 15, 2012

Path to success on Etsy.

I got a custom order from Bethany lee of
She is a great motivator for me.
Just finished that one. I still needed to list it.
There was a little draw back. I sent one item to Hawai. Even after one month, it didn't reach there. So, I had to send it again.
Now the packaging ideas are getting better. It is important that I sold one cap offline too. That is great achievement.

Yesterday I got a message asking about ordering 10 gift card holders like the ones below.

I send the details. But the buyer backed off today morning. It made me feel bad. That made me determined to create more of those similar bags. I am going to stock up the cotton thread I used for these. So, when some one comes up with a big order, I don't have to think twice. 

The problem is storing the inventory.
I needed to get more space. Is that going to happen? 

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