Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Path to Success On Etsy

Bindu Designs on Etsy got a lot of views yesterday. The number of crocheted infinity scarves are increasing.
The teams are giving a few views. But they did not turn into sales. Since October is slow any way, I am  more concentrating on the holiday season.
Now I have 132 items on the shop.   Still I am thinking of working on the Etsy tags. They changed the browse page. so, there are many categories to consider now.
Many are talking about SEO. But, no one really know how to tackle that. I guess, the browse pages are letting me get some views now. Anyway, I wasn't selling that much before. Then why complain now.

The only thing that bothers me is I am not showing up in any of the local searches. May be Etsy think that I am not living in Toronto. They said about a map on the profile. But I haven't seen any map to mark my location on the Etsy profile.

For today, I made few crocheted caps which are to be added on BinduDesigns. The day is not bright. so taking a nice photo is not an option now.
The infinity scarf added yesterday is below.

It is made in Grey acrylic yarn. 

Bindu Designs