Monday, September 17, 2012

Today's Work

It is great that I finished one soap sliver saver in black and a soap cover in lavender.
I still need to photograph the lavender color one. The black one needed to be edited and uploaded to the Etsy shop.
Still needed to add some wire jewelry to the shop. Think, it can be done before tomorrow. As an effort to get more views, I tweeted two store items. Also, share some links on the Facebook page.
Still not sure, how to keep the communication on the Facebook page.
May be just post the new pictures to the Facebook first????
The positive thinking is motivating me to crochet more things and add items to Bindu Design store. Also, I am reading more blogs and commenting on them.
let us see the new found where the new found thought process will take me.
Bindu Designs


  1. Hi Bindu,

    I am a first timer to your blog. I liked your jewellary designs and the lip balm cozies are cute!

  2. Thanks Preeti. i visited your blog. You are very talented indeed.


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