Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's Progress

I was pushing myself to finish few soap savers. So finished 2 pink ones in one stretch.
Since it is so dull and dark, I cannot get nicer pictures to add items to the shop.
But, to mark my progress, I took a picture any way.

They are of 31/4 inches wide and 5 inches long. 
I needed to explore using different stitches now, because, it is boring to make in the same way. 
Just feeling a sense of accomplishment with finishing those ones. May be my positive thinking can make me do a bit more today. 
Now, it is lunch time and I need to eat some food. 
Blog, I am glad you are here to listen what I am doing. 
By the way, the work got cancelled too. That is the fate about being a dental assistant. When patients cancel, the dentist cancel the dental assistant. 
But, I think, I am a bit happy about that today. I was feeling reluctant to get out any way.
So, blog, I will give an update later. 

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