Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Started with slipping back

It is Tuesday.
And it is a rainy day in Toronto.
 I will be working in the evening. Is that a positive thing ? It must be.
But, the slipping is, the drenched mood.
The dark days cast cloud on my mind as well. I don't want to get out of bed
But, the chores have to be done, kid has to go to school...
But, after, the morning chores, I went back to the bed and just wasted my time.
My mind was talking, what Etsy, it is not giving you any thing...The talking went on and on...I slipped off to sleep.
Ya, here I am back...to tell everything to the blog and trying to get back on the track.
I am trying to push myself again. I will keep you posted bog.
There is this variegated pink yarn to make a small bag...
Bindu Designs