Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Positive Thinking: The path

Everybody heard of "law of Attraction", and the "Secret".
I read a lot of books about positive mental attitude and learned many people succeed in life with their attitude.
Even with all the information came to me through books and websites, I was not getting anywhere.
So, I started my journey with this blog.
All I want to achieve is to have 200 items in my Etsy shop and to make a $1000/month income.
While I cannot control my sales on the shop, I can add more items to it.
So, today I added all the soap savers I make yesterday. Then made and added a new one with a new pattern too. So altogether I have 107 items in Bindu Design shop. The views are not great. Just 11 views today.
I tweeted the listings. Making Facebook postings. Not a sale in this week yet. I really needed to keep adding the items.

Bindu Designs