Thursday, September 20, 2012

Path to success.

I want to say that I am still on the path. By yesterday, I added 107 items to the shop.
Today, I renewed on item which was expired. Also, 3 more bookmarks and 2 more soap savers are awaiting to be photographed.
DH told me use up the yarn I have, but not to buy until I sell an item or request to have the product in a different color.
That casts a little shadow. But, in reality, he is correct. The house hold needs the money to survive. So, I am going to accept that.
So by today morning, I have 108 items on the shop and 4 finished items to be added. guess, that is great progress.
I read the blogs of Wendy Merron ( Bethany Lee ( for inspiration.
Wendy has abook and speaking course to sell, while, Bethany is not selling anything. Bethany Lee says about having goals.
So, here I am having a goal to have 200 items on my shop by November 2012.
I am pretty sure, I can achieve that one.
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